A New Facility in the Panattoni Park Prague Airport II will House a Unique Distribution Centre for Foreign Online Stores

It took Panattoni Europe almost no time to find a lessee for the new facility located near the international Václav Havel Airport Prague, while at the same time contributing to the e-commerce hub near D6 highway. The 25,000 sqm building has not even been completed yet but the developer has already entered into a contract with Europe Huajie Development, a corporation which overarches various companies specialised in selling various types of products online. Panattoni Park Prague Airport II will thus serve as a unique distribution centre from which Chinese online stores will distribute goods across Europe and import European goods to China as well. The execution of the project was supported by 108 Agency, a real estate consultancy firm.

„The lease signed by Huajie is our latest and biggest transaction, concluded on the Czech market within the first six months of this year.“ In the past few years, potential Chinese investments in the Czech Republic worth billions of Czech crowns have been widely discussed. However, the words have often failed to turn into deeds,” explains Pavel Sovička, the Managing Director of Panattoni Europe for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

"The location of Prague West is very popular among Chinese companies. Huajie has started cooperation with 108 AGENCY based on positive references from our previous transactions with Chinese partners in the area. We are pleased that thanks to the Panattoni Park Prague Airport II project we have been able to offer a solution with optimal timing and excellent connection to the airport," adds Peter Kolenčík, Senior consultant, 108 AGENCY.

The client will benefit from deeper loading yards offering more manoeuvring space for lorries. Furthermore, there are parking spaces for lorries available in the immediate vicinity of the facility. The new project thus meets even the most challenging logistics demands. Other significant benefits of the location include easy access to the D6 highway as well as convenient bus and train lines to Prague and Kladno, the biggest town in the central Bohemia.

Following the signing of the contract for lease, the developer has decided to continue with the successful development near Pavlov at Prague-West, a village in the western outskirts of Prague. The Huajie building, which will soon be completed, is planned to be extended by  21,000 sqm. The resulting property will be the this year largest industrial building for lease in Prague-West. Another 20,000 sqm will be constructed in the neighbourhood of DSV headquarters. The construction works will be completed in the first quarter of the next year. This exceptionally attractive industrial area will be available for logistics or light manufacturing, offering the prospective lessee an extraordinary transport infrastructure as well as a location in the immediate vicinity of Prague and the Václav Havel Airport.  

The development boom in the Panattoni Park Prague Airport II continues. Over the past 3 years alone the area has seen the development of 5 industrial buildings. The industrial park is located near the village of Pavlov in the Kladno district, near the Prague airport and exit 7 of the D6 highway from Prague to Karlovy Vary. It is a commercial successor of Panattoni Park Prague Airport I, an industrial park near Dobrovíz which has already been successfully leased out.