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Under construction

Panattoni Park Twente

A modern warehouse and distribution centre with a total area of 55,000 m2.



With direct access to

A35 and Twentekanaal

Rental from

12,000 m2

397 parking spaces


Currently under construction. A great warehouse opportunity at XL Businesspark Twente. The development finds itself on a plot of 8 hectares, with a total area of approx 55.000 m2. Available space to rent from 12,000 m2.

The XL Businesspark Twente is fully set for transport to and from Europe. It has excellent domestic and international connections - by road, water and rail. 

This sustainable logistics centre will be built following BREEAM Excellent standards, no gas will be used in its operation, and solar panels will be installed across the total roof surface - making this a premier logistics location that is self-sufficient and fully sustainable. The centre will be equipped with all modern logistic amenities.

Our focus: to create a vibrant and sustainable business park - for both tenants and surrounding areas.

Businesses already in the area are Timberland, VivoChem, Bleckmann, Kees Smit, VDL and Bolk Logistics.

Completion is planned for the second quarter 2024.


The logistics centre is strategically located: at the intersection of the North Sea, Baltic Sea and the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor - right in the centre of the economic heart of Europe. Around ten million people live and work at an hour’s drive from this premier logistics location. Exactly why Almelo and surrounding areas rank high on the list of logistic hot spots in the Netherlands.

Due to its prime location, XL Businesspark Twente is already home to leading international businesses in the logistics, transport and distribution industries. It has a containter terminal and public loading and unloading dock directly by the Twentekanaal - a direct connection to the European network of rivers and canals. It also is connected by water to the Rotterdam and Amsterdam ports. This makes XL Businesspark Twente ideal for businesses that use container transport by water.

Also, strategically located within easy access to several motorways - providing an excellent connection with the Randstad, Enschede, Zwolle and Germany.

54 970 m2

Total planned area

48 322 m2

Warehouse area

2 166 m2

Office area

Buildings details

Buildings Area Height Column grid Min. module
Warehouse 1 - 24 161 m2 - - -
Mezzanine 1 - 2 241 m2 - - -
Kantoorruimte 1 - 1 084 m2 - - -
Warehouse 2 - 24 161 m2 - - -
Mezzanine 2 - 2 241 m2 - - -
Kantoorruimte 2 - 1 084 m2 - - -
Warehouse 1
Area 24 161 m2
Min. module -
Height -
Column grid -
Mezzanine 1
Area 2 241 m2
Min. module -
Height -
Column grid -
Kantoorruimte 1
Area 1 084 m2
Min. module -
Height -
Column grid -
Warehouse 2
Area 24 161 m2
Min. module -
Height -
Column grid -
Mezzanine 2
Area 2 241 m2
Min. module -
Height -
Column grid -
Kantoorruimte 2
Area 1 084 m2
Min. module -
Height -
Column grid -

Site plan

Plattegrond Twente

Car parking spaces


Clear internal height

22,8 x 12,0 m

Column grid


Docks trucks





8 ha

Total plot size

Very good


Central fire extinguishing system

Fire safety


0.5km km


5km km



Panattoni Nederland

E-mail: nlinfo@panattoni.com

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