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We have all the expertise - from A to Z - for developing, realising and managing logistics real estate. Read all about our ways of working together with you.

Logistics real estate from A to Z. Future-proof, flexible and personal.

Our way of working

Future-proof logistics real estate. Matching your needs and wishes. How do we do this?

Read more

Deployment of your capital

Future-proof investments. Independent and transparent development and realisation.

Read more

What else we can do for you

The building has been completed. Down to the last detail. We make sure that everything will continue to be taken care of.

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The way we work

We develop future-proof and sustainable logistics real estate, together. We combine our local expertise with a global approach on forward-looking logistics real estate. Our approach is personal and genuine. We think with you, and take care of everything. We are the link between partners - from landowners and investors to users and municipalities. We focus on sustainable relationships. We think in solutions. About the usability and functionality of our buildings, but also about how sustainable our buildings are. What are the needs and opportunities? For our tenants. But also for the surrounding areas. We have in-depth knowledge of the process. At a local and international level. We fully understand infrastructure as well as your supply chain. With this knowledge we can identify the prime logistics location for you.

Our focus = development of future-proof and sustainable logistics real estate - for you.

  • Prime logistics locations: vital and future-proof

    Our objective is to develop usable and sustainable logistics real estate. For all parties concerned. To boost the surrounding areas and create vital business parks. Vital and prime logistics locations that are genuinely future-proof. Ready-to-move-in rentals or build-to-suit, bespoke buildings - especially designed for the needs of your company. We focus on redeveloping existing industrial estates: approximately 80 percent of our developments are redevelopments. These are called brownfield developments. Old, non-sustainable buildings on often polluted terrain make way for new state-of-the-art buildings. Buildings constructed following high BREEAM standards. This is brownfield development. This way of redevelopment is a complex process that requires a multidisciplinary approach. A process that we, at Panattoni, know inside out. And the result is worth it: a clean and vital business park with a brand new and future-proof building where the focus lies on people and surrounding areas.

  • Our knowledge of infrastructure and international supply chains = your prime logistics location

    The Netherlands is a logistics country. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in infrastructure. It is in our DNA. Our country has a well-developed infrastructure - on land, at sea and in the air. Furthermore, it is geographically well situated. This makes us an important gateway to the rest of Europe and the world for centuries. A prime logistics location with a great logistics network - for any supply chain. You will also find this knowledge and experience in Panattoni’s DNA. It is one of our areas of expertise. We recognise both national and international logistics trends and developments. This is exactly why we can provide your company in the Netherlands, but also far beyond the Dutch border with overall solutions and advice. We know no borders, but like the challenge to find the perfect prime logistics location for your supply chain and logistics needs

We understand infrastructure and your supply chain. On a local and international level.


Deployment of your capital

The demand for distribution centres in the Netherlands is high, and will only continue to grow. This makes investing in this type of real estate an attractive choice. We offer sustainable and future-proof investment opportunities in logistics and industrial real estate. We already do this for a large number of clients. From international pension funds and insurance companies to wealthy investors. Furthermore, we are independent and always transparent. We will do anything to make the process as clear as possible. We always take all laws and regulations into consideration for all our developments. In addition, we - as Europe’s largest logistics real estate developer - have a clear vision on both global and local trends, as well as macroeconomic and infrastructure developments. This enables us to advise and develop in a sustainable manner. We are committed to use our multidisciplinary knowledge and international expertise, for you. In terms of risk and return, regulations, but also with regards to ESG (environmental, social and governance), as well as the level of sustainability of an investment. We set the bar high. Always. Making sure that you can make a well- informed investment choice and a sustainable investment.

Making a sustainable and future-proof investment

  • Our international network, with local expertise

    We are your investment partner. On a local and international level. This makes us unique. As it enables you to deploy your capital both in the Netherlands as well as in the rest of Europe. We can think with you about how to best build your international and forward-looking investment portfolio.

  • Sustainable and future-proof investments

    We are your investment partner. In sustainable and future-proof development. We are aware of and immerse ourselves in all European and local regulations and legislation. We make sure that all your investments are compliant. Following high BREEAM standards, but also looking ahead at EU taxonomy - the guide for all sustainable investments within Europe.


What else can we do for you

Building sustainable relationships, together. Making sure that everything is in order, down to the last detail. And that it stays that way. Also now the building has been completed. We help unburden and take care of all practicalities. That way you can save valuable time. We are here for your convenience. Ensuring that you can continue to focus on your expertise. We make sure that the whole process is worry-free. Every day. For everyone involved - from landlords and tenants to local authorities and building maintenance companies. We can advise and coordinate. Whether it is technical or commercial management you are after, or both. We can also look after your administrative management. Our team is here for you. We are your point of contact. You are at the heart of the way we work - always. Panattoni’s Property Management. Building sustainable relationships - together.

  • Administrative management

    From direct debits and contract management to service fees and energy costs. • Rental invoicing and direct debits • Annual indexation of rent • Credit management • Settlement of service fees • Operating costs analysis • Financial reporting • Updating as-built file

  • Technical management

    From maintenance and cleaning to management and monitoring • Technical maintenance of buildings and infrastructure • Taking care of and monitoring maintenance contracts in accordance with the NEN 2767 standard • Drawing up long-term maintenance budgets • Creating CAPEX budgets • Small scale renovations • Monitoring compliance of legislation and regulations

  • Commercial management

    From day-to-day personal contact to future-proof relationship management • Visiting clients and buildings • Discussing and meeting customer needs and requirements with regards to the building • Monitoring compliance of the lease agreement


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