Panattoni Park Graz Süd


With its 55,000 m² of building space, the Leibnitz Technology and Business Park in southern Styria not only boasts an outstanding location, but also an extensive green building concept. The first areas will be available from Q2 2024, with overall completion scheduled for the end of 2024.



300 m

to A9

Green Building



Operation permit

The sustainable Panattoni Park Graz Süd is being built on a 100,000 m2 site in Hasendorf in the market town of Wagna, southern Styria. Potential users from the areas of production, trade and logistics have over 55,000 m² at their disposal, divided into three halls. The innovative, multifunctional concept comprises approx. 48,000 m² of hall space, 2,900 m² of mezzanine space and 4,100 m² of office space. Not only is the outstanding location in an up-and-coming economic region of Austria along the Graz-Maribor axis and geopolitical location in the center of Europe special, but also the direct connection to the A9 freeway. Panattoni also focuses on local value creation and awards contracts to local companies from southern Styria. At the same time, an attractive workplace is being created for employees.

Green building - sustainable aspects

  • DGNB Gold certification
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Greening of the remaining roof area (without photovoltaic system)
  • Fossil-free heating technology through biomass heating on the property
  • Creation of an e-charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Smart metering
  • Well-being concept to create recreational opportunities


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47 292 m2

Warehouse space

4 153 m2

Office space

2 961 m2

Mezzanine space

Building details

Buildings Warehouse space Total building area Height Column grid Min. module
Hall A 8.436 m² 9.823 m² 10,50 m 24 x 12 m 2.064 m²
Hall B 15.115 m² 17.650 m² 10,50 m 24 x 12 m 3.116 m²
Hall C 24.741 m² 27.934 m² 10,50 m 24 x 12 m 5.641 m²
Hall A
Total building area 9.823 m²
Min. module 2.064 m²
Height 10,50 m
Column grid 24 x 12 m
Warehouse space 8.436 m²
Hall B
Total building area 17.650 m²
Min. module 3.116 m²
Height 10,50 m
Column grid 24 x 12 m
Warehouse space 15.115 m²
Hall C
Total building area 27.934 m²
Min. module 5.641 m²
Height 10,50 m
Column grid 24 x 12 m
Warehouse space 24.741 m²

Site plan


LED lighting

10,5 m

Clear internal height

5t / m²

Floor bearing capacity

1 / 1.000 m²

Docks trucks

DIN 18202

Floor levelness

FM Global

Sprinkler system


Teils begrünte Dächer


Bicycle spaces





EV charging point

2.064 m²

Min. module

100.000 m²

Total plot size

24 x 12 m

Column grid


Level access gate


Car parking spaces

4 pro Gebäude

Flexible modules


27 km

Airport Graz

20 km

Austrian-Slovenian border

28 km


0,3 km


0,6 km


32 km

Maribor, Slovenia


In the development of our Panattoni parks, we attach equal importance to sustainability in addition to third-party usability. We strive for an optimized eco-balance with a low CO2 footprint.

Further background information

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