Panattoni Park Würzburg Ost: partial letting to s.Oliver Group before completion

  • Panattoni Park is being built on a plot area covering 164,000 sqm
  • s.Oliver Group to move into the first construction phase with 78.050 sqm of floor space
  • Second construction phase still available with over 17.500 sqm of logistics space
  • Facility scheduled for completion at the beginning of 2023

Panattoni, the leading project developer for industrial and logistics facilities in Europe, announces that is has let the first construction phase of Panattoni Park Würzburg Ost in Dettelbach, Bavaria, Germany. This will be used by the internationally active fashion and lifestyle group s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH & Co. KG, which has its headquarters in Rottendorf.

The s.Oliver group has created a central distribution warehouse for its activities in Europe with its move to Panattoni Park Würzburg Ost. The new logistics centre is an important project for the future and a key pillar of the corporate strategy, through which the company wishes to focus even more on end consumers and their needs. The centre in the Panattoni Park brings together several locations and both modernises and improves the company’s logistics processes through the maximum use of data and automation. End customers, its own stores and business partners will then be supplied from a single source. The capacity of the logistics centre has been designed for around 60 million items. The company is planning to handle deliveries and returns for customers from the B2B as well as B2C segment for the brands s.Oliver, Q/S by s.Oliver, comma and Liebeskind Berlin at the site.

s.Oliver will take over a total floor space of 78,050 sqm, divided up into 72,250 sqm of warehouse space, 3,800 sqm of office and social space as well as 2,000 sqm of mezzanine space. The warehouse has a clear internal height of 12.20 m, as well as parking spaces for 16 trucks and 234 cars. Apart from a higher floor bearing capacity, the logistics space will also benefit from modern, high-tech equipment with extensive intralogistics installations that are tailored to the needs of the user s.Oliver and that place high demands on the building technology systems The installation of a pick tower and a store for hanging garments are planned, amongst other things.

“We will be greatly expanding our business through our online shop, online market places and our own stores. A well-organised logistics system with correspondingly short delivery times plays a key role here. The new Logistics Service Centre in Dettelbach will thus become the hub of our growth strategy,” says Oliver Hein, Chief Operating Officer for the s.Oliver Group. “The decision in favour of Dettelbach as a location can be seen as a clear commitment to the region, for which we bear a responsibility as a big employer.”

Panattoni Park Würzburg Ost is being built on a plot area covering 164,000 sqm. The logistics park lies midway between the economic centres of Nuremberg and Frankfurt am Main and has excellent connections to the A3 federal autobahn as well as the two motorway junctions A3/A7 and A3/A81. The property is a former production facility for façade and roof tiles as well as plastic profiles of Wanit-Fulgurit GmbH. On account of the site’s industrial history, soil contamination was a topic that already had to be dealt with in advance and certain remediation measures had to be carried out. Panattoni will start demolishing the existing buildings at the end of 2021.  

A total floor space of around 97,500 sqm will be developed by Panattoni in two independent buildings. The project developer is hoping for Gold Certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) for the logistics parks.

The second construction phase is still available for tenants and covers 19,480 sqm of floor space, 17,500 of which is logistics, 880 sqm office and social and a further 1,100 sqm mezzanine space. The warehouse has a clear internal height of 12.20 m, and parking spaces for 8 trucks and 105 cars will also be provided. Panattoni will start building work in mid-2022 and its completion is scheduled for the beginning of 2023. The new user s.Oliver will become operational in 2024.

Tamara Bischof, the district administrator, calls the decision of the s.Oliver group ‘excellent news’ for the administrative district of Kitzingen. “We have been able to attract another global player to the administrative district of Kitzingen within a very short space of time. This is a clear indicator of the appeal and future viability of the Kitzingen region. Our very good infrastructure, the streamlined administrative procedures and straightforward cooperation between the different municipal levels in particular have proven their worth.”

Matthias Bielek, Mayor of the town of Dettelbach, adds: “Through s.Oliver’s move to the new Panattoni Park in our industrial estate Ost, we have been able to give the former Wanit-Fulgurit site, which had lain largely idle for decades, a new lease of life with a future-oriented use, and at the same time greatly boost the economic strength of Dettelbach as a location. We are particularly delighted that this has been possible with a big, top-performing and regional company.”

“Thanks to the early partial letting of Panattoni Park Würzburg Ost, we can celebrate an important success for this project. We are realising one of the biggest projects in a dynamic and attractive logistics and economic region and one of our biggest projects throughout the whole of Germany at the Dettelbach site. We would like to thank everyone involved in the project as well as in the municipal authorities for the very close and fruitful cooperation,” comments Fred-Markus Bohne, Managing Partner at Panattoni.

The firm of Immolox acted as the real-estate broker for the project in Dettelbach.