BTS Ideal Automotive

The BTS facility dedicated to Ideal Automotive is another example of a development for the automotive sector.

BTS Ideal Automotive
BTS Ideal Automotive


The BTS facility is divided into two main sections – serving the manufacturing and warehousing functions. The manufacturing space takes up 8,652 sqm, while the warehousing section – 6,400 sqm. The remaining space is allocated to offices and staff rooms. The manufacturing section will be used to make vehicle parts and interior components, including textile linings, mats, coatings as well as moulded parts and sound damping segments for dozens of car brands. The manufacturing section has been adapted to the tenant’s needs through, e.g., reinforcing the floor, putting in process installations including compressed air systems, providing power supply to the machines or, finally, erecting a technical building which will house e.g.: a compressor room, refrigeration plant, accumulator plant and waterjet pumps. The facility has gone up in Zielona Góra at the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone.

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