BTS Amazon Wrocław

The facility for the industry leader in Online retail, Amazon - the worlds largest distance selling chain - offers 100,650 sqm of modern warehouse space. 

BTS Amazon Wrocław
BTS Amazon Wrocław



The facility for the industry leader in Online retail, Amazon - the worlds largest distance selling chain - offers 100,650 sqm of modern warehouse space. The facility is located in Wroctaw's Bielany, in the direct vicinity of the Nowa Wieś Wrocławska junction linking the motorways A6 and A8. The total building space accounts for close to 100,653 sqm, of which the warehouse will take up 91,837 sqm, while office and staff facilities - 8,816 sqm. The distribution centre will feature 1,962 car parking spaces (including those for disabled drivers), 111 truck spaces, 16 motorcycle spaces and 60 reloading docks. Additionally, Panattoni Europę ensured the high standard of road infrastructure around the facility - putting in place 3 exits and 2 access roads. The completion and commissioning was in October 2014.

The facility has been equipped with an intelligent building management system (BMS) which integrates all installations in the facility. The environment-friendly solutions employed include the enhanced insulation of walls and roofs, as well as building tightness. On top of that, cutting-edge installations allow for recuperation, i.e. heat recovery using rotating heat exchangers. The facility features LED lighting and motion sensors in high traffic areas (pick towers), motion sensors in sanitary facilities, and moreover, light pollution outside the site has been limited. Also, water consumption is kept to the minimum, and the building is heated predominantly by gas. The investors also made sure of appropriate waste management in the course of the construction, and later provided a wide range of local plant species and birdhouses, in order to integrate the distribution centres with the natural environment.

The facility has received a BREEAM Interim rating of “Very Good”.

BREEAM Final Certificate Very Good – achieved, eco-solutions:

  • heat recovery,
  • LED lighting and movements sensors,
  • installations of meters for all utilities in order to control and optimize energy usage,
  • intelligent building management system (BMS),
  • maximum limitation of water usage,
  • gas heating in majority of building,
  • wide range of local plants,
  • usage of materials with limited volatile organic compounds,
  • waste management during construction,
  • increased insulation of walls and roof,
  • increased tightness of the building.

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