Panattoni Park Włocławek

Panattoni Park Włocławek

Panattoni Park Włocławek is the second investment by Panattoni Europe in the region. The developer previously delivered a BTS facility for Kongsberg in Brześć Kujawski. The park came into being in response to dynamic business growth and keen interest from tenants in this region of the country. The well-developed industrial (infra)structure, as well as the central location of Wrocławek on the map of Poland are two more advantages ensuring the success of the project.

Panattoni Park Włocławek offers in excess of 39,000 sqm of industrial space in a single modern class A warehouse building. The facility designed for warehousing and light production purposes may be flexibly adapted to the needs of businesses representing many industries.

The park is situated in the direct vicinity of the A1 motorway, a short distance from Włocławek Zachód Junction, halfway between Włocławek and Brześć Kujawski. The location provides excellent connections and access to a qualified workforce.

Beschikbare oppervlaktes
20 000
Actuele oppervlakte
Volledig geplande oppervlakte
39 000
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Panattoni Park Włocławek


The park is situated in the direct vicinity of the A1 motorway, approx. 2 km from Włocławek Zachód Junction, in the centre of the country, which makes for excellent road connections with all of Poland and Europe.

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