BTS Avon

BTS Avon

The BTS facility for Avon provides storage and distribution solutions for beauty products. The 25,000-square-metre BTS facility was tailored to the special requirements of Avon, the leading direct selling beauty company.

The facility features 25 receiving docks, 40 parking spaces and spacious service yards.


Total de superficie
25 000
Superficie de almacenes
23 900
Superficie de oficinas
1 100

Disponibilidad a nivel regional

BTS Avon
Stacyjna 77, 08-400 Garwolin


Another advantage of the project is its location. The warehouse is near the company's factory, which facilitates the logistics of production and distribution processes. From Garwolin, products are dispatched to the homes of Avon Representatives across Poland. The BTS facility is at Panattoni Park Garwolin - a complex located 60 km south-east of Warsaw, directly upon the Garwolin bypass, along the Warsaw-Lublin route.


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