BTS Farmacol

BTS Farmacol

Modern ventilation, temperature and humidity control systems installed in the BTS facility for Farmacol - pharmaceutical distributor in poland - make sure that pharmaceuticals are stored in appropriate conditions.

Flooring in the facility features superior properties in terms of non-dusting and evenness. Indoor surfaces are washable and eliminate the problem of collecting dust. Additionally, joints of vertical and horizontal surfaces are rounded, Which facilitates servicing and hygiene. Due to the logistics of pharmaceutical storage, the warehouse space was subdivided into smaller rooms. Some have had additional security measures installed, such as PVC strip curtains or anti-burglary doors, e.g. in the case of psychotropic or narcotic drugs.


Total area
5 404 sqm
Warehouse area
4 606 sqm
Office area
798 sqm

Regional Accessibility

BTS Farmacol
Składowa, 62-023 Żerniki

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