BTS Syncreon

BTS Syncreon

The facility developed for Syncreon features modern structural solutions, leading to daylighting of 12.5% of the production hall.

The BTS is used by the tenant as a modern repair centre for electronic products and refilling printer cartridges. The building features a total of 19,000 sqm, of which almost 20,000 sqm is taken up by the warehousing and manufacturing function including technical space, whereas the remaining 1 000 sqm constitutes offices and staff facilities. Additionally, technical infrastructure was developed around the building, including roads, car parks and service yards, with total space of approx. 9,500 sqm. Customised solutions tailored to the specialised production process of the company were installed in the facility, including a higher-than-standard temperature in the hall, amounting to 20°C.

Total area
20 000 sqm
Warehouse area
19 000 sqm
Office area
1 000 sqm

Regional Accessibility

BTS Syncreon
Gospodarcza 13, Żary

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