Panattoni Park Pruszków IV

Panattoni Park Pruszków IV

Panattoni Park Pruszków IV is another in a series of investments by Panattoni Europe in the Pruszków region. The excellent location of the park in the immediate vicinity of a motorway junction on the A2 and not far from the “Pruszków” junction creates optimal conditions for distribution in Central Poland, as well as across Europe.

Panattoni Park Pruszków IV has 43,000 sqm of space. The class A building offers superior quality of warehouse and office space, tailored to the needs of customers representing various industries. The park has modern unloading docks, ground-level gates and broad service yards. It is also equipped with LED lighting, and is BREEAM certified.

The excellent location of this distribution centre is without a doubt one of its key advantages, guaranteeing fast and effective logistics. The proximity of the city centre ensures good access to public transport for the employees of the park and means that you can open your business premises on the doorstep of the capital city.

Available space
42 600 sqm
Existing area
0 sqm
Total planned area
43 000 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Pruszków IV


The park is situated in the direct vicinity of the “Pruszków” junction on the A2 motorway running from Berlin to Moscow, approx. 1.5 km from national road no 2 (E30). The location is perfectly communicated with the Warsaw city centre.

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