BTS Nestlé

BTS Nestlé

The BTS facility dedicated to CPP is an example of a high-bay storage facility tailored to the needs of the food industry.

The BTS was divided into two main sections. The warehouse takes up 29,410 sqm, whereas staff and office rooms occupy a total of approx.
900 sqm. The warehousing section is furnished with automated distribution systems facilitating the storage process.

Total area
29 410 sqm
Warehouse area
28 510 sqm
Office area
900 sqm

Regional Accessibility

BTS Nestlé
Szosa Lubicka 38/58, 87-100 Toruń

The facility is at Panattoni Park Toruń - a distribution centre located just 12 km from the centre of Toruń, on the nationat road no 552 and 4 km from the Lubicz junction on the A1 motorway, which provides excellent conditions for local and national distribution.


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