Panattoni Park Łódź East

Panattoni Park Łódź East

Panattoni Park Łódź East offers superior quality warehouse space offering the latest solutions in commodity storage and flexible conditions of shaping facility units in accordance to the clients needs. The park has received prestigious awards: CEE Quality Awards in the category CEE Industrial & Logistics Development of the year 2007 and the Cepif & International Herald Tribune CEE Best Project Awards. 

Panattoni Park Łódź East consists of five completed buildings totalling 186 000 m².

Existing area
108 680 sqm
Total planned area
186 900 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Łódź East


Located at ul. Zakładowa in the district of Widzew-Olechów, the park lies in the direct vicinity of the planned Andrespol junction of the A1 motorway (Gdańsk-Cieszyn). 

Panattoni Park Łódź East lies in the eastern part of the city, just 11 km from its centre. The location within the city borders provides optimal access to public transportation and therefore closeness to the regional labour market.

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