BTS Harper Hygienics

BTS Harper Hygienics

The product range offered by Harper Hygienics includes: cotton pads and cleansing wipes, cotton buds, body wipes and various baby and childcare products. The key brand of Harper Hygienics is Cleanic. The facility developed by Panattoni Europe is used by the company to manufacture, store and package its products for the domestic and CEE market. The warehouse for Harper Hygienics was built in Jakubów near the bypass of Mińsk Mazowiecki (part of the A2 motorway).

Total area
15 000 sqm
Warehouse area
14 300 sqm
Office area
744 sqm

Regional Accessibility

BTS Harper Hygienics
Generała Kazimierza Sosnkowskiego 34
Mińsk Mazowiecki

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