Panattoni Park Rzeszów

Panattoni Park Rzeszów

Neighbouring on Special Economic Zones and the so-called Aviation Valley, a new Panattoni distribution centre to provide the only class A warehouse space in the region. The excellent location of the park near the A4 motorway and S19 expressway, as well as the direct vicinity of the international airport and railway terminal create optimal conditions for domestic and international distribution.

The international airport in Jasionka, an immediate neighbour to the park, features a Lufthansa cargo terminal as well as one of the longest runways in Poland, and manages scheduled flights to major European destinations every day.

Panattoni Park Rzeszów is a project comprising 2 class A warehouse buildings totalling approx. 46,043 sqm of space. The park offers superior quality and is suitable for customers representing various industries. Additionally, the proximity of the A4 motorway, connecting Western Europe with the East, makes it an exceptionally attractive location for investors.

Existing area
46 043 sqm
Total planned area
46 043 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Rzeszów

Jasionka i Tajęcina, gm. Trzebownisko

The park lies between junctions on the A4 motorway connecting Western and Eastern Europe and in the direct vicinity of the S19 expressway. It neighbours on the Rzeszów Jasionka international airport and Special Economic Zones.

The excellent location of the distribution centre is without a doubt one of its key advantages, guaranteeing fast and effective logistics. The short distances to major routes and the airport, as well as the special economic zone make for successful business development in this region. The Rzeszów region has a population of 2 million and as many as seven schools of higher education, ensuring a rich pool of qualified workers. Local authorities and investors place special emphasis on the development of aviation and education in this field.

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