Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała II

Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała II

Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała II is Panattoni's second investment in the city. Across Upper Silesia, Panattoni is also developing projects in Czeladź, Gliwice, Mysłowice and Sosnowiec. Bielsko-Biała lies within a short distance from the Czech Ostrava and Slovak Žilina as well as the Silesian Metropolis and Krakow, which makes it an excellent location for distribution and commerce in the CEE market.

Due to the keen interest of tenants from the region, Panattoni decided to expand its local portfolio by launching another warehouse project, with approx. 24,000 sqm of space. Panattoni Park Bielsko Biała II meets all the technical criteria of customers from diverse market segments and is suitable for warehousing as well as light manufacturing.

Existing area
24 000 sqm
Total planned area
24 000 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała II
ul. Dumki

Bielsko-Biała's location at the junction of international traffic arteries E75 and E462, as well as roads DK52 and S10 - leading to the Czech border and S69 - leading to the Slovak border, promotes the city's dynamic growth.

The park finds itself immediately on the E75 route running south-west to Cieszyn, and northward to Gdańsk. The excellent location, close to the Silesian Metropolis and Krakow, guarantees access to a qualified labour pool and attracts many international investors.

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