Panattoni Park Wrocław II

Panattoni Park Wrocław II

Panattoni Park Wrocław II is a modern distribution centre, offering 60 600 m² of warehouse and office space. It is the company's second logistics centre in Lower Silesia. Together with Panattoni Park Wrocław I, these facilities provide 144 000 m² of industrial space. Wrocław is one of the most dynamically growing warehousing markets in Poland, with the supply exceeding 500 thousand square metres in warehouse buildings. 

Panattoni Park Wrocław II provides its customers with broad logistics opportunities with regards to the optimization of their supply & distribution chains, rendering services for the local Wrocław market and region of Lower Silesia. The presence of other industrial facilities in the neighborhood, such as the LG technology plant, influence the well-developed road infrastructure of the region. Panattoni Park Wrocław II comprises two buildings - 40 000 m² and 20 000 m² of warehouse space.

Existing area
60 598 sqm
Total planned area
60 600 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Wrocław II
ul. Ryszarda Chomicza 3

The park is located along the A4 motorway, directly near the Pietrzykowice junction, where the roads A4, E67 and A8 - Wrocław bypass - intersect. 

The project is located 14 km from the centre of Wrocław, in Nowa Wieś Wrocławska, some 13 km from the international airport in Wrocław, operating connections to most European capital cities. The park is adjacent to the Pietrzykowice junction of the A4 motorway and in the vicinity of the Wrocław bypass (A8) currently under development. 
With its advantageous location, the park provides excellent connections to the centre of Wrocław.

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