Work starts on the construction of Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska III. Over 70,000 sqm to be delivered right in the heart of the Silesian conurbation

Panattoni, the leading industrial developer in Europe, is expanding in Upper Silesia. The developer has started the construction of Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska III, which will eventually have an area of 70,000 sqm. The project is in the middle of the Silesian conurbation near the A1 and A2 motorways, which will give it excellent connections to the most important towns and cities of both the region and the country.

Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska III is the company's next complex to be built in Upper Silesia. This time, two buildings are to be constructed of 46,561 sqm and 24,489 sqm. The first stage of the construction will include around 50,000 sqm out of over 70,000 that has been planned. The complex is being developed in the very heart of the Silesian conurbation, 5 km from the centre of Ruda Śląska and 16 km from the centre of Katowice, ensuring that it has excellent access to the region. Being close to the A1 (14 km) and A4 (5 km) motorways allows for excellent transport across the country and joins the park to cities such as Wrocław, Kraków, Łódź, Toruń, and Gdańsk. Moreover, together the two roads run to the Czech border in the south, the German border in the southwest and the Ukrainian border in the east, which will make Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska III an excellent international centre.

The park's potential as an international centre was commented on by Aurelia Rachtan, Senior Development Manager from Panattoni: "Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska III is in the very centre of one of the most attractive regions in Poland. It has a strong local economy, a large population giving it ready access to labour and above all a huge need for more warehousing space. In the first half of 2020 alone, the demand was almost as high as 200,000 sqm and a further 400,000 sqm remained under construction at the start of the second half. We at Panattoni leased out over 85,000 sqm in the first six months, which is a fantastic achievement,” and she adds, “Moreover, according to a report by Cushman & Wakefield, Silesia is also the region with the highest number of environmentally sustainable warehouses and Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska III is going to fit right in, because just like all of our latest developments the park is to be certified under BREEAM with a rating of 'Very Good'”.

With an excellent location in one of the most important conurbations in the country and having a host of other attributes, Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska III is to be built to meet the needs of clients from different sectors, which includes both logistics and production. The park's design allows for the flexible arrangement of both warehouse and office modules to meet individual needs and BREEAM certification with a rating of 'Very Good' will attest to the high quality of the construction.