Prime Property Prize 2020: Robert Dobrzycki – Person of the Decade and A2 Warsaw Park – Investment of the Year

Panattoni, the leading European industrial developer, has been singled out with Robert Dobrzycki being chosen as the Person of the Decade during the evening of the Prime Property Prize 2020 gala. This special honour was not one of the competition awards, however Panattoni's A2 Warsaw Park won the prize for Investment of the Year in the Logistic and Warehouse Space category.

The 19th Prime Property Prize competition has now been held. It was organised by the PTWP SA group, the owners of the and portals. The award singles out the companies and projects that have had the largest effect on the commercial real estate market over the past year as well as those people whose activities have played a key role in the development of the entire sector. During the night of the gala, Panattoni twice stood triumphant on the stage. Panattoni CEO Robert Dobrzycki received the honour of Person of the Decade – an award that was bestowed not as part of the competition – for the role he has played in the development of the warehouse market. Additionally, Panattoni's A2 Warsaw Park won the award for Investment of the Year in the Logistic and Warehouse Space category.

Robert Dobrzycki oversees Panattoni's activities in the UK, Germany, Poland, Holland, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. In 2005 he set up Panattoni Europe's headquarters for the Central and Eastern European region in Poland and in 2014 he took on the position of CEO for Europe. In the 15 years since Robert has been at the helm, the company has built over 10 million sqm of warehouse space. When called to the stage, he didn't hide his surprise saying: “Thank you very much for this award. Fifteen years ago, when we opened our first branch, nobody knew that Panattoni existed. Thanks to our team, we have become the largest industrial developer in Europe. It is for their hard work that I wish to thank them all.”

Motorway to success. Panattoni also took the statuette for the development of A2 Warsaw Park – the largest warehouse in the Warsaw region. The 104,000 sqm building was constructed in the village of Adamów next to the Grodzisk Mazowiecki junction of the A2 motorway. Its superb location has attracted the leading logistics operators including Raben Logistics Polska, ID Logistics, and DSV, and together they have leased 50,000 sqm. Being so close to the most important roads in the country is excellent both for domestic and international trade, including with Poland's largest trading partner – Germany. The centre can be used by tenants from different industries both for warehousing and production purposes. Warsaw Park also complies with BREEAM certification requirements by using such solutions as LED lighting.

Robert Dobrzycki also made no attempt to hide his pride for having been awarded this statuette and commented that: ”The A2 Warsaw Park is the crowning glory of our activities in Warsaw and over the past half year it has become the centre that attracts the most interest from potential tenants. It is also a significant development because we finished it really in the middle of the crisis. As a result, A2 Warsaw Park has become a symbol for us of our battle with difficult circumstances, in which we have so far been victorious.”

The award for A2 Warsaw Park is the second time in a row that the Prime Property Prize in this category has gone to Panattoni. In 2019, the developer won the same award for its BTS Amazon warehouse in Gliwice with a record 210,000 sqm of space. The building designed to serve the e-commerce market had impressed the jury with its 4 usable levels and with its use of the latest technology as well as with its environmental solutions, which resulted in the building obtaining a BREEAM certification of 'Very Good'.