Panattoni starts with A2 Warsaw Park - over 100,000 sqm!

Panattoni Europe, industrial real estate leader in Europe, embarks on the largest project in the Warsaw region. The new facility, A2 Warsaw Park, will total 102,500 sqm of space and will be located next to the Grodzisk Mazowiecki Junction and the A2 motorway. The first tenant has already been secured – Raben Logistics Polska, taking up 30 per cent of the space. Project completion is planned for Q1 of 2020.

Panattoni Europe bets on the Warsaw region. A2 Warsaw Park is another class A warehouse project delivered by the developer in this area. The choice of Grodzisk was by no means random, it was dictated by the proximity of the A2 motorway, which is an important transport thoroughfare for both domestic and international logistics operations. It also provides a direct route to the German border, Poland’s main business partner. The new location will be the largest park in the Warsaw region, as well as providing tenants with an attractive alternative to warehouses in Błonie, along the Poznań route. It was precisely these considerations that motivated Panattoni Europe’s long-term partner, Raben Logistics Polska, to decide to lease 30,000 sqm at the new location. This is not the first collaboration between the two companies. To date, Raben Group has leased a total of 135,000 sqm of warehouse space from Panattoni Europe all over Poland.

Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director, Panattoni Europe, comments on the commencement of construction works at the new facility: “Expanding our portfolio in such a strategic region is a key step in our business development. We are aware that the Warsaw market plays a very important role for Poland’s logistics. The local demand is massive, accounting for approx. 28 per cent of the overall demand for space in the country. This makes Warsaw and its surrounding area a leader in this category, partly thanks to the continually improving road infrastructure and the favourable investment conditions. The Warsaw metropolitan area constitutes one of the biggest nationwide logistics hubs, featuring the intersections of 6 national roads and 8 major railway lines. It makes for an attractive location for potential tenants”.

These are not just empty words, as evidenced Raben Logistics Polska snapping up space at A2 Warsaw Park already at this early stage. As a result of dynamic business growth, the company started looking for a larger space to run its logistics operations. The new park will take over processes which have previously been taking place in the Warsaw suburb of Błonie. Jolanta Sawińska, Regional Director, Raben Logistics Polska, said: “Moving the warehouse is an essential investment for us for business reasons. Our needs in terms of logistics processes have increased, and by being able to move them in the future to A2 Warsaw Park, which will make for greater storage efficiency among other changes, we will be able to satisfy them. We are planning to run operations for one of our customers here”.

A2 Warsaw Park is a modern warehousing and office complex designed for both storage and light manufacturing operations. Like the developer’s other facilities, it will be adapted to the needs of different tenants, in terms of the technical specs as well as the individual arrangements of manufacturing, warehousing, office and staff spaces. For the tenant’s comfort, all drive-in gates into the facility will be placed at the ground level. Moreover, the spacious service yard is just 500 metres away from a direct entrance onto the A2 motorway in both directions. The distance to the Warsaw city centre and the Chopin Airport Warsaw is 30 km, and the Grodzisk town centre is 4 km away.