Panattoni Park Białystok with a completed factory for Pilkington IGP

Panattoni Europe, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, has delivered a factory which will make glass units and metal racks for glass for Pilkington IGP. The manufacturing plant was built at Panattoni Park Białystok, taking up 10,000 sqm. It is the second joint project for Pilkington IGP and Panattoni Europe.

Panattoni Europe and Pilkington. A successful collaboration. The construction of the manufacturing plant for Pilkington IGP at Panattoni Park Białystok is not the first joint project between the two companies. In 2011–2015, the developer delivered 66,000 sqm of an innovative automotive glass factory for Pilkington Automotive Poland in Chmielów near Tarnobrzeg. Three years later, the companies again engaged in fruitful collaboration, leading to the official opening of a modern manufacturing plant on 15 May 2019. This time, it is a factory making glass units and metal racks for glass. In this project, Pilkington IGP took up in excess of 10,000 sqm – including 9,113 sqm of industrial space and 936 m of office and staff space. Four modern production lines have been put into the building, and by the end of the year a glass tempering furnace will be installed, too. The facility will provide jobs to more than 200 people.

Panttoni Park Białystok. A location with huge potential. The choice of the park by Pilkington IGP was decided by both the developer’s experience and the excellent location, praised by Krzysztof Granicki, President of the Board and Managing Director of Architectural Glass Products in Poland and Processed Glass Products in Northern Europe at Pilkington IGP Sp. z o.o. – “Białystok is the most dynamically growing city in Podlasie, so building a modern manufacturing plant here is a great opportunity for us, with prospects of dynamic growth and reinforcing our position in the region”.

The location in Białystok also provides excellent road connections. The park is close to the S8, connecting Wrocław, Łódź, Warsaw and Białystok, while the nearby S19 (Via Carpathia) is going to bring together the cities in the east of Poland and span northern Europe with the south of the content, as highlighted by Dorota Jagodzińska-Sasson, Managing Director Panattoni Europe – Białystok finds itself on a transport route running along the eastern edge of the European Union – from Lithuania, through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, to Greece. In the future, it will enable the flow of goods between the Baltic States and the south of Europe.

Panattoni Park Białystok – an opportunity for the region. Panattoni Park Białystok is the first logistics park next door to the capital city of Podlasie as well as Panattoni Europe’s first project in the region. The developer has created 40,000 sqm of multi-tenant space which can be adapted to the needs of customers from different business sectors – from logistics to manufacturing. The Park comprises two class A warehouse buildings.