Panattoni joins forces with students to draw up a sustainable development report. PSML’s third Top 100 Young project

European industrial real estate market leader Panattoni is making its latest significant contribution to sustainable development by taking part in the Top 100 Young project organised by the Polish Supply Management Leaders association. This project involves six students of economic and technical academic institutions preparing a report for the company on the effectiveness of selected environmental measures in its warehouse and industrial facilities. Their tasks, among others, will involve examining the buildings’ water and energy saving systems. This is the third time the project has taken place – and Panattoni has played a central role in each one since its inception.

The power of young minds. This is the third time Panattoni has taken part in PSML’s (Polish Supply Management Leaders) Top 100 Young project. The challenge it sets is for a group of six students of technical and economic academic institutions to prepare an extensive analysis of the potential introduction of a number of sustainable development measures in warehouse and industrial facilities. The report will analyse the water systems (both inside and outside the buildings), energy saving systems, as well as other solutions, such as green walls covered in moss instead of wool and environmentally-friendly roofs that prevent the halls from overheating. Based on their analysis of these measures, the students will draw up an LCC (Life Cycle Cost) analysis of a building’s life cost in detail. The official launch of the third Top 100 Young project will take place in October this year.

According to Anita Pietrykowska, Marketing & Communications Director Europe, Panattoni: “As a leader in our sector, we also aim to take a pioneering role when it comes to green trends. To implement these effectively, we have been consistent in cooperating with specialists in the field of sustainable development. And our participation in this project will allow us to deepen our knowledge through engaging the most talented students in the country.” As he goes on to say: “This is the third time we have taken part in Top 100 Young, which gives us the opportunity to work with some of the most talented young people in the industry. In recent years, we have been presented with a report on the ideal speculative warehouse, as well as an analysis of the best new locations for industrial projects forming part of the New Silk Road supply line, taking into account the ongoing urban development. The teams working on these issues have carried out detailed and professional research, providing us with valuable knowledge for our business. We are sure that this time around it will be no different.”

The Top 100 Young project has been devised for outstanding students in fields connected with the supply chain, as well as management and production engineering, economic analysis, business analysis and management, automation and robotics, while also involving professional researchers and managers. The project is a wonderful opportunity to promote the most outstanding students as well as the universities themselves, and also for enterprises to cooperate with young talent that could join their companies in the future.

“We are proud that Panattoni is once again actively involved in providing genuine support to young talent from the leading Polish academic institutions that participate in the Top Young 100 project. We are delighted that this third time around, as usual, the best students will be able to test out their ideas and combine their extensive theoretical knowledge with their youthful creativity in order to have a real impact on the business world. Furthermore, green issues, which are so relevant today, should be a central theme for the young generation entering the labour market. Therefore, we are keeping our fingers crossed for this group of students – and we would like to thank Panattoni once again for engaging the young generation in topics that are important not only in the business sphere but also for the environment!” comments Teodor Kula, a member of the management board of PSML and one of the initiators of the Top Young 100 project.

The subject of the report this time is in line with Panattoni’s current policy, having this year launched its own ‘Go Earthwise with Panattoni’ strategy. This concept involves improving the wall and roof insulation in its facilities (thus reducing fume and carbon dioxide emissions), while introducing automated systems for managing and reducing the electricity and water usage. In addition to this, and with the well-being of employees in mind, Panattoni has introduced glazed façades that increase the access to sunlight, as well as larger green and relaxation zones. All of this adds up to fulfilling BREEAM certification requirements at the ‘Very Good’ level for each completed facility. Under the company’s green policy, the position of Sustainability Manager has also been created, which has been taken by Emilia Dębowska, who has worked with the company for five years. She is now responsible for harmonising the developer’s new projects with its ‘Go Earthwise with Panattoni’ concept.