Panattoni Europe teams up with Łukasz Piszczek

Panattoni Europe, like a true winger, supports the admirable offensive by Łukasz Piszczek and his Foundation to improve the football facilities in Goczałkowice Zdrój, the hometown of the multi-capped Poland international. The developer is the Title Partner with naming rights of the sports complex of Łukasz Piszczek’s Academy Foundation, which will be named Panattoni Arena.

Panattoni Europe and Łukasz Piszczek’s Academy Foundation. On top of the approx. 300,000 sqm in warehouse facilities built in Silesia, the developer also supports the development of football infrastructure. Success in football depends on the so-called “team spirit”, an understanding among the team members in pursuit of a common goal. Such spirit is definitely not lacking in the new team of Panattoni Europe and Łukasz Piszczek’s Academy Foundation as they work towards a common goal: to improve the football infrastructure and provide the right conditions for training and regeneration for youth groups as well as seniors.

Panattoni Europe will support the Foundation in the development and operation of the Panattoni Arena sports complex in Goczałkowice-Zdrój commune, the home of Łukasz Piszczek, who plays for Bundesliga runners-up – Borussia Dortmund and boasts multiple Poland international caps. The grounds of the facility will undergo a series of upgrades – renovation of the pitches, adaptation of the auxiliary facilities with new changing rooms installed, a rehabilitation and wellness area and a support technical building for the needs of Łukasz Piszczek’s Football Academy. The project is planned for completion in H2 of 2020.

“Young people need to be active” – says Robert Dobrzycki, Chief Executive Officer Panattoni Europe, adding: “Supporting local sports centres, and in the case of Panattoni Europe – Łukasz Piszczek’s Football Academy – is very important to us. All the more so in view of the progressively declining fitness levels among children”.

According to the 2018 HBSC study (carried out under the auspices of the WHO), only 21% of girls and 24% of boys aged 11 report one hour of planned physical activity daily. As much as 20% of schoolchildren do not participate in physical education classes. According to the data of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, children in 2019 are 4.5% less fit than their peers from 30 years ago. Even though we now have a better understanding of the many health benefits of physical activity. It is associated with increased musculoskeletal health and development. Exercise stimulates the development of the respiratory, circulatory, and immune functions, as well as having a positive impact on sleep.

Moreover, health benefits are not the only advantages of sports. Team sports, particularly, improve children’s social skills, teach them to work together and bond with one another. In the light of the positive health benefits of sports and the increasingly hair-raising statistics about physical activity among children and adolescents, there is need for a broad approach, with a significant role to be played by the private sector, represented among others by Panattoni Europe. The financial support to develop the infrastructure is the first step towards saving the young generation from the progressive effects of inactive lifestyles.