Panattoni Europe has built a factory for Hydroline – 13,000 sqm in Stargard

Panattoni Europe, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, has completed the construction of a factory for Hydroline, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders from Finland. The 13,000-square-metre project was delivered in Stargard at the High Technologies Industrial Park and is a prime example of a manufacturing facility relocation project. The production of hydraulic cylinders will get going at full steam already in the coming August.

BTS for Hydroline, or factory relocation made to measure and to schedule. Panattoni Europe has completed a hydraulic cylinder production facility for Hydroline. The new factory features 13,000 sqm of modern space, with as much as 12,000 sqm dedicated to industrial operations – with potential for future extension – and 1,000 sqm of offices and staff facilities. The project came about following a decision to relocate Hydroline’s manufacturing processes, and in this way expand on the operations of the previous factory also located in Stargard, a short distance from the current site. The new facility is three times the size of the old one. The industrial section of the building now has rooms required for efficient manufacturing operations – a compressor room, a storage and a forklift recharge station. The facility has been tailored specially to Hydroline’s operations and staff – the load-bearing capacity of the floor is 7t/sqm, skylights have been fitted on 12.5 per cent of the roof area, and LED lighting intensity has been enhanced up to 500 lux.

The development of the Hydroline factory is the effect of complex and deliberate actions taken well in advance. The facility took 7 months to build, and the completion date was entered into the meticulously planned schedule of the previous production plant, so that the relocation would not undermine the continuity of work on Hydroline’s production lines. Also the location of the new facility in the entire process was by no means random. By staying close to the existing location, the company managed to keep its qualified and experienced staff, as well as the contracts with subcontractors. Moreover, Stargard lies less than 50 km from the capital of Western Pomerania, next door to Germany with a fantastic connection to its capital, Berlin, which is approx. 200 km away.

The successful project, and even the interest from Hydroline in this form of cooperation, shows the immense potential offered by the BTS formula. The fact that Panattoni Europe is behind its inception and promotion is emphasised by Marek Foryński, Managing Director of the BTS Group at Panattoni Europe: “We were the first developer in the market who recognised the need for developing facilities according to the strict guidelines of their future users. To date, we have developed 2.4 milion sqm of space in this formula and we have more orders in the pipeline. Our project for Hydroline showed that this form of cooperation works very well in the construction of production facilities. These types of projects require that you see to every detail and treat your customer individually”.

The industrial facility for Hydroline is one of many projects of its type completed by Panattoni Europe. In 2018 alone, the developer delivered among others the hydraulic components factory for Voss Fluid at the Legnica Special Economic Zone (10,000 sqm) and Panattoni Europe’s third factory delivered for Ideal Automotive at the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone Invest-Park (27,400 sqm). Moreover, in the first half of this year the developer embarked on the construction of a factory making components for the automotive and home appliance industry for ELTEK POLAND (11,400 sqm) and the highly automated factory executed with state-of-the-art technologies in the spirit of Industry 4.0. for Rockwell Automation.