Panattoni Europe expands in Zielona Góra

Panattoni Europe, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, increases the supply of warehouse space in Lubuskie. The developer has bought land for new investments and announces the expansion of Panattoni Park Zielona Góra up to in excess of 130,000 sqm, planned in six buildings. At present, close to 75,000 sqm are under construction and over 50,000 sqm more will get under way before the end of Q1 2019.

Having succeeded in the main warehousing markets – Central Poland, Greater Poland, Upper and Lower Silesia, and Warsaw – Panattoni Europe, as the only one developer in the industry to date, recognised the investment potential of smaller municipalities, establishing emerging markets. One of them is Zielona Góra, which by the end of this year will offer approx. 130,000 sqm of modern production and warehouse space at Panattoni Park Zielona Góra.

Panattoni Park Zielona Góra is growing. The developer has announced the expansion of its proprietary multi-tenant distribution centre. At present, Panattoni Park Zielona Góra comprises 74,831 sqm of modern warehouse and production space with a view to the development of further 50,000 sqm – the developer has bought land to extend the centre. The construction of Panattoni Park Zielona Góra was initiated in late 2017, and the project quickly found its customers, representing various business sectors. Among them were a manufacturer of wheelchair components (Reac Components), as well as logistics operators (FIEGE and PEKAES, for whom a special cross-dock was built) and a leading manufacturer of wood panelling and imitation wood products. Space at the park, some 30,000 sqm, was also leased by expondo Polska – one of Europe’s leading online stores with professional equipment. The warehouse takes up 29,750 sqm, while office and staff facilities, featuring a state-of-the-art glass facade - 2,750 sqm.

According to Dorota Jagodzińska, Managing Director, Panattoni Europe “The success of Zielona Góra, and also of our distribution centre, considering the time it took for the space in the buildings to be taken up, is definitely down to the location – in the west of Poland and in the immediate neighbourhood of Germany – as well as to the road infrastructure with the S3 route. Also, one should not disregard the enormous potential offered by the city’s universities or the special economic zones and industrial parks around the voivodeship. All these factors contribute to the fact that many international companies, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, but also Swiss, look to this market as an investment destination, particularly thanks to the very good cooperation with the City Hall.”

Panattoni Park Zielona Góra is situated at the Lubuski Industrial and Technological Park, belonging to the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone. Its location a short distance from a railway line and a regional road running towards the planned bridge on the Oder in Milsko, close to the Racula junction connecting to the S3 route, guarantees an efficient land connection to major markets in the country and abroad.

The Lubuskie region, including Zielona Góra, is a dynamically growing part of the country which attracts many investors, from both Poland and abroad. This is confirmed by Panattoni Europe investments – before embarking on the construction of Panattoni Park Zielona Góra, the developer completed two manufacturing facilities in the region: one for Faurecia in Gorzów Wielkopolski and the other for Ideal Automotive in Zielona Góra.