Łukasz Piszczek’s BVB Football Academy to end its first season and Panattoni Arena to complete its first construction stage

Panattoni, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, ends its first full season of partnership with Łukasz Piszczek’s BVB Football Academy. The first training of players of Poland’s multiple representative was held on Panattoni Arena almost a year ago. The facility which has been hosting games played by budding football players since August 2019 continues to develop and its first stage of construction works is almost over. When the Academy athletes go on their well-deserved holidays, works on Panattoni Arena will be continued so that the young football players can benefit from all facilities as soon as possible and develop in the best environment.

Łukasz Piszczek’s BVB Academy has ended its first season and players are about to go on their one-month summer break. Staged at Panattoni Arena, the Passionate Tournament closed this year’s games. The facility has hosted junior games ever since the Academy’s establishment and its infrastructure has been continuously expanding, too. Modern pitches and club buildings and committed professionals, including Łukasz Piszczek as CEO, allowed to create conditions for children not only to grow properly but also to highly enjoy playing football.

Panattoni has been involved in the development of Łukasz Piszczek’s Football Academy from the beginning and became the Title Partner with naming rights of the sports complex of Łukasz Piszczek’s Academy Foundation in March 2019. Panattoni Arena’s construction works that began in the and of 2018 involve the rebuilding of pitches, adapting a recreational area with buildings of changing rooms, spa, rehabilitation, and a technical building for the needs of Łukasz Piszczek’s Football Academy. At present, the first stage has come to a close including a cloakroom building with all sanitary facilities, cloakrooms, office rooms, fitness and wellness rooms, and two football pitches (with hybrid and artificial surface) for the needs of the Academy. The next stage comprising a third football field (full-size hybrid surface)is scheduled to end in 2021. The partnership between the developer and Łukasz Piszczek’s Academy Foundation will help significantly expand football infrastructure in Goczałkowice-Zdrój. It is a vital activity in the process of making children more active in the area of sports as they tend to develop more eagerly and more rapidly in a friendly environment and in modern facilities.

According to Robert Dobrzycki, CEO Panattoni: “Panattoni Arena is a different project than our warehouse or industrial facilities, also because of its end users. Developing a training center for young athletes is both a source of motivation and great excitement to us. It is fantastic to be a part of their growth”.

Łukasz Piszczek’s BVB Academy’s first season was marked by hard work, learning and implementation, and holidays will be a good time for conclusions and summaries. To Panattoni over 12 months of partnership with football enthusiasts means Panattoni Arena’s continuous growth and also awareness that we have been building something bigger - a sports family.