Workpress Aviation will produce respirators in Pilsen

Thanks to the vision and foresight of the industrial zone builder Panattoni, production that not only the Czech Republic but the whole world is crying out for will begin at Borská pole in Pilsen. Here the Czech company Workpress Aviation will produce nanomasks, which provide the best protection against covid-19 on the market. These respirators have two classes of efficiency higher than FFP3 respirators. The aircraft component manufacturer has chosen to locate its operations in a hall which has been prepared by Panattoni for new tenants in Panattoni Park Pilsen City. Workpress Aviation has rented 2000 mfrom this building.

“At this critical moment, time is against us, so I greatly appreciate how quickly we have managed to secure suitable premises in cooperation with Panattoni. This is one of the reasons why the production of respirators should start in the first half of April,” says Jiří Heckel, director of Workpress Aviation.

“When we were dealing with the exodus of companies from the Pilsen region a year ago and were one of the first to decide to reconstruct an already standing hall we had no idea what a disaster the whole world would be facing at the beginning of 2020 and what significant operations would be started up in the vacated premises. Because we had the courage to redevelop the building, we were able to offer the investor a very well-prepared space in a premium location in no time at all. We have probably had the fastest business transaction in history. I am glad that it all went well, and I believe that production will start as soon as possible,” says Pavel Sovička, Panattoni’s Managing Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The respirator also has filtration in the exhalation part, protecting both the wearer and the people around him. The product also has a long service life because it is possible to change the filter, which itself lasts for several months. In addition, it is very cheap and affordable filter material that it will be possible to get hold of even if the current crisis with the supply of protective equipment is expected to escalate. The nanomask filtration captures up to 99.995% of all harmful particles. The mask is designed so that any condensate will go out and will not stick inside.

Workpress Aviation has been operating in the Pilsen region for a long time and is involved in custom manufacturing of components for the aviation industry. It offers a complete technological process, surface finishes with the highest visual standard and final assembly. It specialises in fast delivery of prototypes and series in batches from one piece upwards. So far, Workpress Aviation has signed a short-term contract with Panattoni, but plans to conclude a long-term contract if there are enough orders.

One of the most lucrative industrial areas in Central Europe offered an unexpected new development opportunity in May 2019. The 25,000 m2 hall excels in its traditionally established location near the city centre, with excellent connections to transport infrastructure and high-quality engineering facilities. Following complete reconstruction, it will be suitable for both high-tech production and fully automated logistics.

And it is in this area that Panattoni Pilsen Digital Park, a new generation industrial zone with a focus on Industry 4.0, is also expected to grow. The industrial zone builder Panattoni wants to transform the former Škoda Plzeň complex into a modern technology centre. The extensive 28-hectare brownfield is currently empty but has an excellent infrastructure and is suitably connected to the surrounding industrial operations. Panattoni’s plan is in line with the City of Pilsen’s current development strategy and has successfully passed the Environmental Impact Assessment. The total investment is estimated at more than 2 billion crowns.