Two new sustainable halls to be built on the brownfield after the former coal mines in the Pilsen region

“After 1990, the industrial site north of Nýřany underwent a number of rather negative changes, starting with the bankruptcy of the former Likona plant. Part of the premises where buildings were located was revitalized by the new owners, but most of the unbuilt areas remained unchanged. That part has recently been used for the unauthorized dumping of large amounts of waste. Historically, it is an area that has always been included in the city’s zoning plans for industrial construction, and the new construction does not affect any agricultural land but, again, brings a meaningful revitalization of the area,” says Nýřany Mayor Jiří Davídek.


“We have designed Panattoni Park Nýřany Terminal in accordance with our long-term trend of meaningful brownfield revitalization. The site of ​​the former coal mines and concrete plant is a typical example of a dead place that has only ‘annoyed’ the adjacent municipality for decades and that also poses a risk to the environment. When building new halls, we will place emphasis on the concept of sustainable development. The result will be modern and functional industrial premises that meet the strictest criteria for green construction,” says Pavel Sovička, Panattoni’s Managing Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Due to industrial use of the landscape over the past few decades, the site requires a thorough reclamation to meet the strictest criteria for safe and sustainable construction before construction work begins. Panattoni has recently applied for an EIA. As the project involves a high number of employees, amounting to upper hundreds, the developer wants to use the direct connection to the nearby Nýřany train station, which allows convenient transport from the Pilsen region or the Domažlice region.


Panattoni Park Nýřany Terminal is not the first industrial construction historically built near Nýřany. The area has a rich industrial tradition which dates back 150 years. It was started by Krimich, the then deepest coal mine in the West Bohemian district, twenty years later followed by Škoda with the construction of a thermal power plant. During the 1950s and 1960s the Prefa concrete plant used the land of today’s modern industrial park, and in the 1970s the area was rebuilt into the Likona Nýřany food plant. By building an environmentally sustainable and modern industrial park, Panattoni will symbolically draw a green line under the colourful industrial past of the whole area.