Panattoni Netherlands starts development of distribution centers in Venlo South

Panattoni Nederland, part of Panattoni Europe, starts developing two ultra-modern logistics distribution centers in Venlo South

The new development consists of two distribution centers: one of 25,175 m2 and one of 18,080 m2. In total, the project covers an area of ​​43,225 m2. Panattoni has signed a purchase agreement with the Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Midden Limburg (OML). Venlo South is the first Panattoni project in the Netherlands since its start in December 2019.

In January 2021, construction will start on the distribution centers with a clear height of 12.20 meters, a total of 37 docks, 265 parking spaces for passenger cars and 9 parking spaces for trucks. The complex is expected to be completed in September 2021.

The new complex will comply with the "Very Good" standard of BREEAM while placing solar panels on the roof of the complex is one of the possibilities.

Jeroen Gerritsen, General Manager Panattoni Netherlands: “This is a fantastic start for our development activities, 6 months after Panattoni came to the Netherlands. We see a lot of future in Central and South Limburg, because we notice that there is a better availability of personnel which will enable us to properly staff the distribution centers. This development is close to the villages of Linne, Herten and the city of Roermond, so people can cycle or walk to work. The location also offers the same multimodal advantages and proximity to the German sales market as other popular locations in Limburg. I think that logistics, and everything that goes with it, has proven its worth during the corona crisis. And precisely now, when unemployment numbers are rising again, we can attract new jobs to the region with these kinds of initiatives. ”

Jeroen Bertjens, Senior Consultant Marketing & Sales: “We are very pleased with the development of both sustainable distribution centers by Panattoni Nederland in the region of Central Limburg. This offers new opportunities for companies in Central Limburg to expand, as well as opportunities for companies that want to establish themselves in this region. The region already has a flourishing logistics culture and infrastructure, including large-scale distribution centers of Hansen Dranken, UPS, Plus, Lidl, Aldi, Actio and Dick Vijn Logistiek. With the development of both distribution centers by Panattoni Nederland, a number of great companies are added to this row. ”

About Panattoni

Panattoni Nederland is part of Panattoni Europe, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe. Panattoni has already developed 10 million sqm in Europe and is the most active industrial developer operating for 15 years now. Our mission is to support local businesses with delivering multifunctional, build-to-suit warehouse projects. Go Earthwise with Panattoni - all over Europe, BREEAM/LEED/DGNB certificates have been awarded to projects totalling 2.2 million sqm, and an additional 2.5 million sqm are pending certification. The developer implements concepts of sustainable development and creates a new standard for its warehouses in Europe, minimising the impact of new projects on the natural environment. In order to achieve our goal of developing these projects, we purchase land in the most strategic locations in the Netherlands. Panattoni acts as an expert in every phase of the investment process.

About OML

OML BV contributes to the economic development of the Central Limburg region and does this in collaboration with affiliated parties, business and government. OML B.V. has the following core tasks: advising on spatial-economic issues, location and area development, acquisition of companies and sales of business parks, as well as the development and issue of new business parks.

OML's five shareholders are the municipalities of Echt-Susteren, Leudal, Maasgouw, Roerdalen and Roermond/Venlo South.

OML has plots for sale in the following business parks: Businesspark ML in Echt, Windmolenbos and Zevenellen in Haelen, Merummerpoort, De Hanze, Boven de Wolfskuil, De Grinderij and Oosttangent in Roermond. On the Roerstreek-Noord business parks in Roermond/Venlo South and the Koeweide business parks in Maasbracht, one lot is still available.