Panattoni reaches 10 million at the age of 15

Panattoni, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, celebrates 15 years in business. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has delivered more than 10 million sqm. It is present in the most strategic countries for logistics and industry – Germany, the United Kingdom, where it is recognised as the most active developer, as well as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and now also in the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.

PRECISION / INNOVATION / SPEED / FLEXIBILITY / VISION / INTEGRITY / ON-TIME. Championing these qualities, Panattoni celebrates 15 years’ experience in the market. The company is the European arm of Panattoni Development Company, one of the largest industrial developers in the world. European operations were launched in 2005, when the company opened its Warsaw office, led by Robert Dobrzycki, now Panattoni’s CEO: During this time we have become number one industrial developer, delivering in excess of 10 million sqm of space to the markets of Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our standing is confirmed in numerous industry rankings. This year, Panattoni for the fourth time in a row claimed the top rank in the PropertyEU list of the biggest developers in Europe, leaving the others well behind in terms of both the space delivered (6.31 million sqm in 2017-2019) and ambitious plans. The latter are tied not only to the future growth in the e-commerce segment, where Panattoni is the leader, but also to expansion into other countries. Over the past few months, our company announced the launch of operations in the Netherlands, an d then Spain and Portugal – new strategic markets in Europe” – says Robert Dobrzycki.

Go Earthwise with Panattoni - all over Europe, BREEAM/LEED/DGNB certificates have been awarded to projects totalling 2.2 million sqm, and an additional 2.5 million sqm are pending certification. The developer implements concepts of sustainable development and creates a new standard for its warehouses in Europe, minimising the impact of new projects on the natural environment. The coherent strategy encompasses modern facades with fully glazed office sections, enhanced insulation in roofs and walls, as well as building airtightness, which enables Panattoni to reduce emissions of exhaust gases and carbon dioxide and make up to 20 per cent energy savings in heating the facility. Additionally, all newly built projects are provided with numerous modern systems, including automated electric energy management, minimising water consumption, not to mention the long-standing practice of LED lighting as standard and mandatory BREEAM certification, now at a Very Good rating.

Achieving the impossible at 15 – talent alone is not enough. It takes: precision, innovation, speed, flexibility, vision, integrity and timeliness. These qualities embraced by Panattoni and, even more importantly, by its specialist team, have enabled the company to get where it is today in the international arena. They are also true of the developer’s “peers” – 15-year-old champions in their respective disciplines, invited by Panattoni to front the marketing campaign marking the anniversary. The film made for the occasion features: Zuzanna Bączyk (archery), Dominik Jastrząb (billiards), Tymon Kolasiński (3x3 Rubik’s cube), Antek Korzec (breakdance), Patrycja Najda (freestyle slalom skating), Alicja Dobrołęcka (rhythmic gymnastics), Julia Augustyn (wushu). Entering the world of illusion, the company shows the changing conditions in a very dynamic market – faced by the protagonists of the scenes, as much as the company itself – and also the profound need for cooperation. A concerted effort drives success and makes the impossible possible, with scattered puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together to form a an integrated, working entity.