Panattoni Europe’s sixth project for Amazon – 45,000 sqm in Łódź

Panattoni Europe, market leader in industrial real estate in Poland, is to build another logistics facility for Amazon as the sixth collaboration between the two companies. The e-commerce logistics centre totalling in excess of 44,800 sqm will be delivered in Pawlikowice near Łódź, providing permanent jobs to more than 1000 people. The investment will be executed in line with the requirements of environmental certification under the BREEAM scheme.

Panattoni’s 6th project for Amazon. To date, the developer has delivered 685,500 sqm to Amazon. After a series of demanding projects on the outskirts of Poznań, Szczecin, Wrocław, Sosnowiec and the Czech Prague, this time Panattoni Europe will build an e-commerce logistics centre for Amazon in Pawlikowice near Łódź. The facility will total 44,810 sqm. The new facility will provide permanent jobs to more than 1000 people. . The investment is also intended to enhance the portfolio of products offered by small and mid-sized businesses selling through the company’s website.

Project of importance for the region. According to Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director Panattoni Europe 'Panattoni Europe’s most recent investment in Pawlikowice is good news for the region. The long-term lease by Amazon will provide permanent job opportunities for more than 1000 employees and will contribute to the development of small and mid-sized businesses, which will be able to offer more of their products through the company’s online store'. He then adds 'The strength of the project lies in its location. The short distance from the main city of the region – Łódź – make this e-commerce logistics centre attractive for potential employees. Commuters will be able to use 312 parking spaces for cars and 22 for minibuses.'

‘The Lodz voivodeship has a very well developed infrastructure and grants access to human capital. We are very grateful for the engagement of local and central authorities, who have supported the development of Amazon’s new e-commerce logistics centre in the region’ – said Steven Harman, Operational Vice President at Amazon in Europe

The facility’s location is also very important in terms of logistics – right next to the Pawlikowice/Pabianice Południe junction on the S8 expressway, connecting the metropolitan areas of: Wrocław, Łódź, Warsaw and Białystok.

BREEAM. Like in the case of previous facilities developed by Panattoni Europe for Amazon, this one too will undergo the BREEAM Interim certification process. The developer and the investor are looking to obtain a VERY GOOD rating. That is why, right from breaking ground the investment will be executed in line with environmental requirements including: appropriate waste management in the course of construction and the use of a broad range of local plants to integrate the distribution centre with the natural environment. The facility will feature an intelligent building management system (BMS), LED lighting and motion sensors in various zones, enhanced wall and roof insulation, as well as building tightness. It will also feature systems limiting water consumption to the minimum.